New Grand Superintendent Installed for District No.8 and 2 other Grand Superintendents confirmed in office.

On Thursday 1st February 2024, the Grand Director of Ceremonies, R Ill Kt Pt Toby Pratt, GCPO, who was en route to New Zealand to visit family, stopped off in Melbourne. On behalf of the M Ill Grand High Priest he Installed R Em Kt Pt Chris Wallace as the new Grand Superintendent for Australia Victoria District No.8. who succeeds R Em Kt Pt Terry Hodges, KCPO who had retired on health grounds – we all wish Terry well for a speedy recovery.

Also R Em Kt Pt Terry Ryan, the Grand Superintendent for Australia NSW & ACT District No.11 and R Em Kt Pt Peter Edwards, the Grand Superintendent for Tasmania District No.44, both of whom had been appointed to office during or just after Covid, made the journey to Melbourne and the Grand Director of Ceremonies installed them officially and present them with their Patents.

Thanks go to Ill Kt Pt Mike Burrell, PGIVP the District Recorder, who masterminded all the arrangements, for what was a splendid meeting at The Western Masonic Centre, Ardeer, Sunshine West. It was especially nice to see R Ill Kt Pt Walter Burston, GHPA, GCPO, a Past Grand Superintendent in attendance.

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