To be considered for membership of this deeply significant Order, you MUST be a subscribing member of the following Masonic bodies:-

1) a Craft Lodge

2) a Royal Arch Chapter

3) a Knights Templar Preceptory.

You MUST also be a Master Mason of three years standing AND profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith.

The Orders in its modern form did not set out to be deliberately exclusive, but the thirty one Appendant Degrees each have their own ceremonial working and it was determined, by our Founders, that a Mason needed to be of a certain standing and qualification within Freemasonry to comprehend and appreciate these especial degrees.

The recently reintroduced ceremony of the Order of Holy Wisdom differs from the Appendant Degrees in that there is a specific question/requirement in the ritual regarding membership of the Knight Templar Priests. This ceremony was worked in the 18th century, but it required a lot of costly equipment and at least two rooms for the ceremony to take place. The new abridged ritual maintains the spirit of the original whilst eliminating much of the cost involved.

Locations of all our Tabernacles can be found in the current Yearbook, or contact us at Grand College.

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