3 New Grand Superintendents

Congratulations to three new Grand Superintendents who took up their duties with effect from Saturday, 13th June 2020. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic the ceremonies of their Installations have had to be postponed, but they have assumed their duties by virtue of a Dispensation. The Grand High Priest hopes that he will be able to conduct the ceremonies in the not too distant future.

V. Ill. Kt. Pt. Malcolm Lloyd, PGVIIP is the new Grand Superintendent for Hampshire and Isle of Wight District No.6 following the appointment of R. Ill. Kt. Pt. Brian Wisbey, GCPO as an Assistant Grand High Priest.

V. Ill. Kt. Pt. David Hardie, PGVIP is the new Grand Superintendent for Canada Central District No.20 following the retirement of R. Em. Kt. Pt. Andrew McClelland. The Grand High Priest was pleased to confer the honour of KCPO on Andrew in recognition of his much valued service to our Orders.

V. Ill. Kt. Pt. John “Shiny” MacKinnon, PGVP takes over the reins of Germany District No.43 on the retirement of R. Ill. Kt. Pt. John Woodhouse, GHPA. R. Ill. Kt. Pt. John has served as Grand Superintendent for the District for over 22 years and has the grateful thanks of the Grand High Priest for such dedicated, loyal and committed service.

The picture shows R. Ill. Kt. Pt John passing the baton to R. Em. Kt. Pt. Shiny, a little short of the German social distancing rule of 1.5 metres! (maybe a longer baton would have helped!)

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