2013 Anniversaries

A new year rapidly approaches and 2013 will see the following Tabernacle anniversaries :-



Consecration Date

 25 Years

The Holy Rood No.135 12th March 1988
Boxley Abbey No.136 21st April 1988
Sir Thomas Tresham No.137 20th June 1988
Horeb No.138 21st October 1988
Star Absalom No.139 22nd October 1988
Wudcestre No.140 29th October 1988
George Hookham No.141 3rd October 1988


40 Years

Galilee  No.48 5th September 1973


50 Years

Surrey  No.27 1st May 1963
Brinkburn No.28 3rd May 1963
Hertfordshire  No.29 30th May 1963


60 Years

St. Oswald  No.18 28th March 1953
Canterbury  No.19 24th October 1953


Full details of all celebratory meetings will be posted on the web site in due course, so please return to this item and keep checking for updates.



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