Notification regarding the 2019 Annual Assembly has been sent to all Tabernacle Recorders, but the forms for members wishing to attend are here.

AA 2019 Hotel Info v2.0

KTP Annual Assembly Summons 2019

KTP Registration Form 2019



Yearbook and Regulations                    £5.00

Ritual 1 (Large)                                     £5.00

Ritual 1 (Small)                                     £4.00

Ritual 2                                                 £3.00

Order of Holy Wisdom Ritual                £5.00

Appendant Degrees booklet                 £2.00

Rite of Memory                                     £2.00


Keyring                                                  £3.00

Pen                                                        £3.00

Lapel Pin                                               £3.00

Tie                                                         £10.00

Pocket Square                                      £7.00

Cufflinks                                                £20.00

Grand College Shield                            £35.00

Gold Tassels                                          £3.00

Missals (covers and large Ritual 1)       POA

The Priestly Order                                 £20.00

P, C & K Mitre Lozenges                       £27.50



To order any item click on the link “KTP Order Form” above.

In line with other Sovereign Masonic Bodies it has been decided that all items for sale will be subject to an additional payment to cover postage and packing. This is set at £1.00 per item with the exception of the book “The Priestly Order” which will remain at the current cost as detailed in the Year Book and above. Multiple orders may be amalgamated.

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