The Order, which was founded in 1924, will soon reach its Centenary and to celebrate this occasion it is intended that the procurement of our own premises would be a fitting tribute and ensure its continuance for the years to come.

In order to do this a Centenary Pillar Fund has been established, to which it is hoped that all members of the Order will contribute.

A copy of the introductory letter from the Grand High Priest, M Ill Kt Pt Ernest Peter Donnison GC, KGC (Hon Causa) GCA together with a standing order mandate can be viewed and printed by clicking on the links below.

The current premises extend to only 675 sq ft, which is less than the footprint of a modern three bedroom semi. This leaves barely enough space for any storage. Suitable alternative accommodation must, therefore, be the medium term goal of the Order.

The Pillar fund was officially launched at Annual Assembly in June 2012. Whilst there is no “fixed” target of funds required to house the Order, in view of the current price of property in York, a figure of £400000 is not unrealistic.

The Grand Recorder’s Report at Annual Assembly in June 2018 stated :-

The Pillar Fund has now been going for four years and as you will see from the financial statement that it had grown to over £250k at the year end and is now approaching £280k. Whilst this is a tremendous effort, support is still very patchy. As I stated last year, we set up a property sub-committee which is looking at opportunities, but we have not yet identified anything suitable.”

Since June 2018 support has continued and at the end 2019 the fund had reached almost reached £350,000. Also several properties have been considered but none have proved suitable. However we continue to actively look at purchasing opportunities – and as the fund grows we have wider scope.

CPF Introduction

pillar fund mandate

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