R Ill Kt Pt John Denton, GHPA

It is with great sadness Grand College have heard of the passing of R Ill Kt Pt John Denton on 4th April 2022.

John was admitted into the Orders in Mercia Tabernacle No.10 on 12th March 1973 and served as its High Priest in 1984. Having been appointed PGIVP in 1986 and promoted to PGVIP in 1995, he was appointed Grand Superintendent of West Midlands District No.3 in 1997. He served as Grand Superintendent until 2007, and was honoured by the Grand High Priests Award in 2010. A highly respected and much loved member of our Orders, whose service to the West Midlands District and Grand College have been truly appreciated by all. He will be sadly missed by us all.


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