R Em Kt Pt Andrew W Morrison

Grand College is saddened to report the passing of R Em Kt Pt Andrew Morrison, Grand Superintendent and High Prelate for Scotland North District No.41 on 11th March 2022. Andrew was admitted to our Orders in Am Furan Tabernacle No.144 on 17th March 2001 and was a Founder of Strathlene Tabernacle No.215 where he was installed as High Priest in 2010. He received Grand Rank of PGIIP in 2013, was promoted to PGVIP in 2017 and installed as Grand Superintendent for District No.41 in 2018.

Andrew served our Orders and his Tabernacles with great commitment and enthusiasm, and he was much loved by all for his easy manner and kindness. Over the last few months Andrew battled bravely with serious illness, but his positive manner was an inspiration to all.

He will be greatly missed in Scotland and throughout our Orders and Grand College is indebted to him for his loyal and dedicated service. RIP dear Andrew.


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