Announcement about update to Suspension of meetings in UK

The current suspension of meetings is in effect until 6th April 2021, but now that the Government has announced  its roadmap for easing restrictions, the Executive have reviewed this suspension.

As always the welfare of our members is paramount and after reviewing carefully the various phases of the Government roadmap it has been decided that the current suspension of meetings will remain in force until 20th June 2021.

This continued suspension relates to meetings in the UK (excluding Jersey and the Isle of Man), all other countries, regions and areas should continue to follow the rules of their appropriate authority and/or their local Craft Grand Lodge.

The situation will continue to be monitored and if any change to the suspension is necessary an announcement will be made.

Let us all hope that the continued success of the vaccine rollout, together with a reducing infection rate, will result in the Government’s targets being achieved and we can all finally meet together again from the end of June.

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