Message from the Grand High Priest

7th April 2020
Dear Knight Priests,
A few days ago the Queen gave a speech to the Nation expressing her deep held conviction that the spirit of togetherness and firm resolve in combating this devastating virus, will surely deliver us, eventually, from its evil grip.
She delivered her moving speech to all of her subjects no matter what their faith or beliefs and we all, no doubt, obtained consolation and succour from her wise words.
I do not believe any words that I say will express these sentiments better but I would like to take this opportunity to write to each and every Knight Templar Priest, knowing that we are all true Christians united by our strong faith and true Brotherly love in its widest sense.
This terrible disease knows no boundaries, does not discriminate and is relentless in its own perpetuation. Therefore we must all be vigilant and maintain the highest resolve to protect ourselves and our loved ones until this scourge is overcome and we once again return to normality.
That time will surely arrive, I firmly believe, in the not too distant future, when we can all meet again in comfort and safety. I and all the team at Grand College eagerly look forward to happier days when we can once again enjoy each other’s company; practice our rituals to celebrate our Christian ideals and continue to support each other in our wider Masonic family.
From myself, my Deputy Ian and all the senior Officers of Grand College we express our sincere wish for you all to stay safe, protect, as far as possible, your families and loved ones and look forward positively in the certain knowledge that our Christian faith will sustain us all.
God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Chris Maiden
Grand High Priest
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