Christmas 2018

To all members of the Order

December 2018

Christmas is now only a week or so away and it is time to review the year just gone and look forward to the coming year.

As I stated last year, we consecrated new tabernacles in Grimsby and Malta. In addition to those we went to Stourport, Redhill in Surrey and also to Cyprus where we consecrated two tabernacles in November. With the agreement of the Grand College of America, we erected the Grand College of France as a Sovereign body in April. We also installed three Grand Superintendents during the year.

In the coming year, plans are afoot for two tabernacles in the UK, but several Grand Superintendents have indicated that it is their wish to retire, so the Grand Officers are going to be kept busy with Especial Assemblies. Unfortunately, we will have the installation of a successor in Brazil, Norde Nordeste, where our Grand Superintendent passed away suddenly this month after some surgery.

We have passed the £300000 mark in donations to the Pillar Fund. There are some properties we have an interest in, but it would be inappropriate for me to say any more until a purchase has been agreed.

I thank all members of the Order for their continued support. Without the many who tirelessly work for their Tabernacles, this Order would not be as strong as it is. Not only do you work for the good of this Order, but also for the good of Craft, Royal Arch and Knights Templar. Without them we would cease to exist.

Although our Centenary falls in 2024, it is not too early to start thinking of it. We have a Centenary sub-committee which is working on ways in which we should mark this event. We will be holding an event on Saturday 18 May 2024 in Newcastle upon Tyne. This will be separate from Annual Assembly which will be held on 8 June that year.

The continued success and prosperity of the Order lies with the membership as a whole and I am sure that support will continue in the coming year.

May you and your families have peace, health and happiness this Christmas and in the New Year.

God Bless you all.

M Ill Kt Pt Christopher G Maiden

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