DGHP Visit to Royal Kent TI

On Friday 12 January, The Deputy Grand High Priest, M Em Kt Pt Ian Duff, visited Royal Kent Tabernacle TI which meets in Newcastle upon Tyne where he was one of 39 who witnessed the admission of a new member to the Order. It was also his honour to present a green collarette to the Tabernacle for the contributions made to the Pillar Fund. This is worn by the High Priest for the time being and the current High Priest, V Em Kt Pt Terry Radcliffe is shown wearing it in the photo below. Ian was attended by the AGDC, V Ill Kt Pt Gordon Mather and local lad Ill Kt Pt John Gilroy, GIP acted as his Standard Bearer. At the end of the meeting, the Deputy Grand High Priest conducted the Grand Point.


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