A Busy Time

The Grand College Officers are now having a slight breather.

Since the beginning of March, they have been to Bolivia to consecrate a new Tabernacle and install a new Grand Superintendent for Brazil – Centro Norde. Four Tabernacles were then consecrated in Greece. They then had the Consecration of Carrick Stone in Scotland West. Into April and the Grand Superintendents for West Yorkshire and North & East Yorkshire were installed and this was followed by trips to France for two new Tabernacles and three Reponements and there was also a Consecration in Barcelona.

The Grand College Officers are having a short breather before the installation of three Grand Superintendents at Littleover on 24 May and one Grand Superintendent in Canada West on 27 May. All this before Annual Assembly on Saturday 10 June at the Hinckley Island Hotel.

Members who haven’t booked for either the Ladies’ Dinner on the Friday evening or for the lunch after Annual Assembly should contact the office as soon as possible.

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