†M Ill Kt Pt Ernest Peter Donnison†

M Ill Kt Pt Ernest Peter Donnison, GHP Award, Past Grand High Priest passed away early this morning.

Peter was admitted to the Order on 25 September 1969 in Hull Tabernacle No 6. He was installed as High Priest of the Tabernacle in 1984. He was appointed PGIII P in 1986 and Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies the same year. He was promoted to Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1992.

He was promoted to PGVI P in 1991 and to PGVII P in 1995. He was appointed Grand Superintendent for Yorkshire, North and East Ridings in 1997 and also to Deputy Grand High Priest the same year, but relinquished the position as Grand Superintendent the following year. He received the Grand High Priest’s Award from his predecessor, M Ill Kt Pt James Turner in 2005 and succeeded James as Grand High Priest in 2006. He retired as Grand High Priest in 2013.

During his tenure of office, he consecrated 29 new Tabernacles, and took the Order into countries where we had no previous representation – Brazil, Spain, West Africa, Bolivia and Greece.

He was a very committed Christian and Freemason and was involved in many Masonic Orders and held high rank in most. He was Provincial Prior for North & East Yorkshire under Great Priory through the 1990s.

Peter was always approachable and had time to speak to us all. He will be sadly missed.

Funeral arrangements will be advised when known.

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