The Carrick Stone Tabernacle No 281

On Thursday 23 March around 100 Knight Priests attended the Consecration in Cumbernauld of the Carrick Stone Tabernacle No 281 by the Grand High Priest, M Ill Kt Pt Christopher Gavin Maiden. The Tabernacle had some 42 petitioners and there were 33 Grand Officers in the Consecrating team. A letter from R Ill Kt Pt Stephen Forster, the Grand Superintendent for Scotland West was read out congratulating the Tabernacle on its erection. Stephen was unable to be in attendance due to continuing health problems, but is optimistic he will be able to visit the tabernacle before long.

23 of the consecrating team attended a meeting of Lodge Cumbernauld St Andrew No 199 on Wednesday evening where they witnessed a third degree carried out by Lodge Southern Cross 1243. To say it was a bit different is an understatement.

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