Especial Assemblies

On behalf of the M Ill Grand High Priest, Christopher Gavin Maiden, I advise you of the following Especial Assemblies –

2 March travel to Consecrate San Felipe de Austria Tabernacle No 282 in Bolivia which was postponed in October due to hurricanes in the Caribbean.

17-19 March Athens to Consecrate four further Tabernacles in Greece –

283 Eleusis, 284 Kantharos, 285 Elpis, 286 Agios Fanourios.

23 March Consecration of Carrick Stone Tabernacle No 281 at Cumbernauld.

6 April Investiture of V Ill Kt Pt Ian Grundy and V Ill Kt Pt Peter Jennings as Grand Superintendents for West and North & East Yorkshire respectively at Royal York Tabernacle in Barnsley.

21-22 April Consecration of two Tabernacles in Paris –

287 Les Burgondes and 288 Saint Jean-Baptiste

28-29 April Consecration of Lux Tabernacle No 289in Barcelona.*

5-7 May Reponement of three Tabernacles in Toulouse (290-292, names to be approved) and to conduct the Order of Holy Wisdom

As you can see, we have a very full programme between now and Annual Assembly (and there are other Especial Assemblies in that period which have still to be confirmed) which will be held at the Hinckley Island Hotel on Saturday 10 June.

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