Linlthgow Especial Assembly

On Wednesday 24 August, an Especial Assembly was held at Linlithgow to install a new Grand Superintendent for Scotland East, District 46. An exceptionally large attendance at the meeting saw, M Ill Kt Pt Christopher Maiden, Grand High Priest, Install R Em Kt Pt W Scott Sneddon into that office. During the meeting, the retiring Grand Superintendent, R Em Kt Pt James West of Stow, had his appointment to KCPO confirmed with the presentation of his baton. R Em Kt Pt Stewart Wood, P G Supt for Scotland West, was rewarded with appointment to GCPO. Walter Sneddon and Laurence Read received the Certificate of Merit – Walter for his unstinting work as Recorder of Forth Valley Tabernacle over many years and Laurence for his work as District Director of Ceremonies over many years.

Following the Especial Assembly, Forth Valley Tabernacle was opened and three candidates were received into the Order by V Em Kt Pt James Black and the Officers of the Tabernacle.

At the festive board, a collection was taken for a sponsored haircut by Dr Sally Sneddon, the proceeds of which are going to the Children’s ward at Wishaw General Hospital. The collection raised a magnificent £520.


Pictured are R Em Kt Pt Walter Sneddon, CM; R Em Kt Pt Scott Sneddon, Grand Superintendent; M Ill Kt Pt Christopher Maiden, Grand High Priest; R Em Kt Pt Stephen Forster, GCPO, Grand Superintendent Scotland West; R Em Kt Pt Stewart Wood, GCPO, Past Grand Superintendent and R Em Kt pt Laurence Reed, CM

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