New Grand Superintendent for Victoria

Deputy Grand High Priest, M Em Kt Pt Ian Duff continues to work hard whilst “down under”. The first photo shows him with the new Grand Superintendent for Victoria, District No 8 R Em Kt Pt Terry Hodges and in the second photo he is seen with the two newest recipients of GCPO, R Ill Kt Pts John Muirhead and Walter Burston

victoria 1 victoria 2


At the meeting, he promoted the District Recorder of Victoria , V Ill Kt Pt Barry Minster to PGVII P and awarded him KHW. Barry is on the extreme right of the photo which shows l-r, R Em Kt Pt John Heazlewood, GS Western Australia, R Em Kt Pt Terry Dann, GS Tasmania, R Em Kt Pt Iain Fraser, GS Southern Australia, R Ill Kt Pt John Muirhead, M Em Kt Pt Ian Duff, R Ill Kt Pt Walter Burston, R Em Kt Pt Terry Hodges, GS Victoria and V Ill Kt Pt Barry Minster.

victoria group

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