Order of Holy Wisdom

I am pleased to advise that Richard Moss at Belper Masonic Regalia has been approved as the supplier of Cordeliers which may be worn by members of the Order of Holy Wisdom. Other suppliers may, in time, bring their own to the market.

The cost will be £9.20 each plus £3.50 p&p or £7.00 p&p for 10.

The majority of members are entitled to wear white Cordeliers. The variations are as follows.

Green to be worn by recipients of PHW

Yellow to be worn by recipients of CHW

Sky Blue to be worn by recipients of KHW and by the acting Seventh Pillar Priest in a Congregation.

Red to be worn by Holders of the Certificate of Merit and the High Priest of a Congregation

Purple to be worn by High Prelates (and those acting as such), Grand Superintendents, Past Grand Superintendents, Holders of GCPO, KCPO and GHP Award

The Grand Priest and Grand High Prelate, Assistant Grand High Priest, Deputy Grand High Priest and Grand High Priest shall wear Cordeliers of especial design.

An order form, which should be sent to Richard, is attached below.


Copies of the Ritual of the OHW will be available at the beginning of September. However, if you wish to pre-order, please e-mail us on the googlemail address. The Rituals will be priced at £5.00 plus p&p.

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