The Holy Rood Tabernacle No 135 celebrates 25th Anniversary

On Saturday 20 April 2013 The Holy Rood Tabernacle No 135 celebrated it’s Consecration in Edinburgh which took place on 18 March 1988. Present at the meeting were R Ill Kt Pt Ian Paterson Duff, Assistant Grand High Priest and R Em Kt Pt James West of Stow, Grand Superintendent.

Grand Superintendent, High Priest and Assistant Grand High Priest


Over 40 Knight Priests attended the meeting, where cakes with the appropriate numbers “25” and “135” were presented and consumed.

The High Priest, V Em Kt Pt James Bradley is pictured cutting the cake, with R Ill KT Pt Ian Paterson Duff, AGHP, and R Em Kt Pt James West of Stow, GS, flanking him.


A short history of the Tabernacle has been produced and it reports that the Tabernacle was founded following the Consecration of Saltire Tabernacle No 121 in Glasgow in 1986 which is the premier modern day Tabernacle in Scotland. Of the 21 founders, 17 have passed to higher service, but five became High Priests of the Tabernacle. Eight months after the Consecration of The Holy Rood, a meeting was held where ten new members were admitted and they went on to be founders of Am Furan Tabernacle No 144.


Many of those attending the Tabernacle in April stayed behind for the customary group photograph.


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