Filalethia Tabernacle admitted to Grand College

On Friday 10 May 2013, Filalethia Tabernacle in Athens was Admitted to Grand College.


The Tabernacle was self-constituted over 20 years ago, but approached Grand College in 2011 with a view to being Admitted. After some discussions, and a visit to Athens by V Ill Kt Pt Glyn Goddard, Grand Director of Ceremonies, The Grand High Priest was agreeable to receive the Tabernacle under Grand College.

Accordingly, The Grand High Priest, M Ill Kt Pt Ernest Peter Donnison, accompanied by the Deputy Grand High Priest, M Em Kt Pt Christopher Gavin Maiden, the Grand Recorder, V Ill Kt Pt Stephen Priestley, the Grand Director of Ceremonies, V Ill Kt Pt Glyn Goddard and the Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, V Ill Kt Pt John Knox, attended a meeting of Filalethia Tabernacle and carried out a ceremony of Reconstitution and Admission and presented a Warrant with the Tabernacle numbered 254 on the roll.


The Tabernacle meets twice a month from September until July. However, it is only at three or four of those that ceremonies of admission of a candidate or installation of the High Priest are carried out. At the remainder of the meetings a paper is presented and discussed in depth. The discussion usually overflows into the festive board. The regalia worn by the members is similar to our own, but with a distinctive patriarchal cross on the tunic. Whilst it is expected that conformity to our Regulations will be expected, do not be surprised if some are still wearing this at Annual Assembly.


We welcome the members of Filalethia Tabernacle No 254 into Grand College and look forward to many happy years of Masonic Brotherhood with them.



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