Retirement of M Ill Kt Pt Ernest Peter Donnison

The following letter has been distributed on behalf of the Grand Recorder.

18th February 2013

To: Rulers, Past Rulers, Holders of GHP Awd., G. Supts, Holders of C of M, DDs, DRs, Tabernacle Recorders

Dear Kt Pts,

The Grand High Priest, M Ill Kt Pt Ernest Peter Donnison, GHP Awd, has indicated that he will not seek re-election at Annual Assembly this year. He will have served the Order with great distinction as an Acting Grand Officer for twenty-seven years by the 2013 Annual Assembly for which we all truly thank him.

He served as the Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies for six years from 1986, then for five years as the Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies from 1992. He was appointed Grand Superintendent of the District of North & East Yorkshire in 1997, an office he served for only two years before being appointed as the Deputy Grand High Priest in 1998. He was elected Grand High Priest in 2006.

To mark his retirement, the General Council feels that it is appropriate to ask you to see if the members of your Districts would like to contribute towards a retirement gift to be presented to him at Annual Assembly this year. Any contributions should be sent to Grand College at Fulford, York marked for my attention with (unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous) the name of the individual member, Tabernacle or District enclosed so that a suitable letter of thanks can be sent.

Wherever the Grand High Priest has visited in his years in Office and there cannot be any or many Tabernacles he has not visited in the past twenty-seven years, he has always felt that they were part of his family rather than just members and I suspect that the members feel the same way about him. Please ensure that the news of his retirement becomes known, in sufficient time for those to contribute who feel that they would like to.

Yours sincerely and fraternally


J. Stephen Priestley

Grand Recorder

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