Election of Grand High Priest

The following letter has been distributed on behalf of the Grand Recorder


18th February, 2013

To: Rulers, Past Rulers, Holders of GHP Awd, G. Supts, Holders of C of M, DDC, DRs, Tabernacle Recorders

Dear Kt Pts,

Following the decision of the Grand High Priest, M Ill Kt Pt Ernest Peter Donnison to retire at Annual Assembly on 8th June 2013, the General Council of the Order has decided unanimously to nominate and recommend the Deputy Grand High Priest, M Em Kt Pt Christopher Gavin Maiden to Annual Assembly for election as our next Grand High Priest. M Em Kt Pt Christopher Gavin Maiden has confirmed that he is both willing and able to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Office if he is so elected. The proposition will therefore be formally placed before Annual Assembly 2013.

M Em Kt Pt Christopher Gavin Maiden has served the Order as Deputy Grand High Priest for the past three years and is well known to a large number of our Members having, like the Grand High Priest, visited Tabernacles extensively throughout his period of Office. He was appointed Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies back in 1999, an Office he served for three years before being appointed Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2002 and then appointed to Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2007 an Office which he served for three years, a total of 14 years of Active Office for the Order. It is fair to say that he has made friends wherever he has been and is widely respected in this and other Orders in which he is a member. It is hoped that with all our support he will be elected in June and continue to serve the Order as he has done over the years with a natural enthusiasm and easiness of approach which is associated with his style of leadership.

Yours sincerely and fraternally


J. Stephen Priestley

Grand Recorder

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